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Welcome to my blog! ^^ I mostly reblog stuff related to Kpop,Asian dramas, Asian fashion, おいしい food and other random cute stuff. I like anything かわいい ...like i wish i could have every single cute thing in the world!! I also wish that one day I could to go to Korea and Japan (in my dreams...) for many reasons..hehe but for now i'll stay with reblogging stuff i wish to see in reality. My fav kpop boy group is Shinee and Exo, and my fav girl group is SNSD and Orange Caramel. I also like many other groups but there are too many to list.

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Yukata-season has started!
"I’m not afraid of the future that hasn’t happened yet. What is future, after all? Isn’t it just the moments right now turn into? If I change now because of my future, what’s the point of living in the present?"
-Dam Yeo Wool (via baka-ni-naru)

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Gu Family Book(drama) - 2013